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 Name:Mangiferin           CAS:4773-96-0            molecular formula:C19H18O11

Molecular weight:422.34    

Melting Point:267 ~ 272 ℃

Water solubility: Slightly soluble in water


1. Properties:  melting point 267 ~ 272 ℃ (decomposition).  Optical  rotation  +  43.3  °  (c  =  0.9,  pyridine),  32  °  (ethanol).  Slightly  soluble  in  methanol,  ethanol,  water,  soluble  in  hot  dilute  methanol,  hot  dilute  ethanol,  insoluble  in  non-polar  solvents.  A  Carbonyl glycosides of tetrahydropyrone, double Phenylketone Flavonoids.

2.  Pharmacological  functions:  Mangiferin  has  inhibition  of  the  central  nervous  system,  anti-inflammatory,  antibacterial,  anti-HSV-2,  gallbladder  and  immune  function,  to  alleviate  HSV-2  virus  caused  by  sacral  nerve  root  disease:  the  performance  of  hip  or  thigh  of  pain  or  paresthesia,  urinary  retention,  it  is  also  associated  with  proctitis,  urethritis  syndrome.  HSV-2  women,  the  risk  of  cervical  cancer  than  women  in  general  is  5  to  10  times  higher.  On  the  simulated  high  altitude  acute  hypoxic  liver  injury  has  a  protective  effect.  The  main  clinical  application  includes  mango  cough,  mango  cough  capsule,  mangiferin  tablets,  mangiferin  dro  pills,  and  these  agents  are  limited  to  respiratory  diseases.  Lacertaceae  plant  mango,  in  the  "open  treasure  Materia  Medica"  recorded  it  is  a  thirst-quenching  food,  cook  leaves  and  drink  the  soup  could  cure  thirst;  "Compendium  of  Materia  Medica"  records  that  it  is  the  best  fruit;  "Compendium  of  Materia  Medica  Supplements"  record  of  mango  can  benefit  stomach  gas,  Stop  vomiting.



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