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Herbal Plastic Surgery Restoring Liquid Skin Healing Products For Wound Restoring

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Herbal Plastic Surgery Restoring Liquid, Skin Healing Products for Wound Restoring, Special Use



Restoring Cream can diminish inflammation, defy bacteria, prevent wound injection, clear free radicals and aging cells, reduce pigmentation, and also provide necessary nutrition for wound healing, promoting epidermic cell division and growth, helping wound heal, and improving skin's ability to produce collagen and elastic tissues. Thus, zinc density is increased to make wound heal faster and better, preventing injection. Additionally, the cream boosts blood vessels to produce, slows down capillary occlusion, stimulates elastic tissues, and gradually restores skin's normal color, which good to heal with no scars.


Inflammation is a kind of defying response to various inflammatory stimuli caused by the human body. It includes hemodynamic changes, increased vascular permeability, and inflammatory cell reaction. The symptoms are mainly partially red, swollen, heated, painful and functional changes. It limits, eliminates and excludes outside invasion factors and cell death through partial tissues to heal wounds.

Skin damage mainly refers to the defects of the epithelium and connective tissue. Skin wound healing is mainly related to the repair and regeneration of epithelial tissues and dense connective tissues.
Epithelial cells include three stages: proliferation, migration and differentiation. The basal cells at the periphery of the broken end continue to proliferate and migrate to the wound. When new epithelial cells cover the wound surface, thin skin appears. When the migrating epithelial cells encounter the basal cells, because their meeting leads to cell migration, the cell division ends. But the newborn epithelial cells continue to divide, proliferate and migrate to the surface. They gradually differentiate and form a complex layer of flat skin. only a linear scar is left with damaged skin tissues, neat wound but no injection. When the wound is large, the skin restoration is slow, and after the new granulation tissues fill the defect, the epidermic cells willcover the surface of granulation tissues and form the scar.

Dermis and subcutaneous tissue damage is restored by granulation tissues. They are a kind of immature connective tissues, composed of cells, extracellular matrix and rich capillaries, and collagen fiber is the main component. When derma is damaged, fibroblasts largely produce collagen, elastin, fibronectin and polysaccharide, as well as many collagen tissues. While fibroblasts produce collagen, collagenases continue to degrade collagen, but this time the synthesis is higher than that of decomposition. With the proliferation of collagen formation and capillary buds, granulation tissues are gradually formed and continuously fill the cavity. Because the chavity is filled, granulation tissues grow mature. The fibroblast cells turn into fiber cells, and the capillary occlusion disappears and decreases in the number. Finally new granulation tissues lack blood vessels, with hard and dim colors. Fibrous connective tissues, mainly composed of collagen, will leave a scar on the skin surface.

How it is different:

1. Safe and effective

2. Natural and herbal

3. Suitable for all skin types

4. Promote healing, leaving no scars

How to use:

Apply a small amount of the liquid to the wound areas and then wait until it becomes dry.


only be used for new wound.

For existing scar elimination, you need to let it recover from wound again on purpose.

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